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Why do I tell my clients to talk to other photographers

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Why do I tell my clients to talk to other wedding photographers To choose a wedding photographer is a big deal. Wedding photographers represent a big chunk of a couple’s budget, and when the day is over and in the years to come, photos (and video) are what we are left with of such a […]

Wedding Speeches: who speak first?

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Who keeps the first speech at the wedding? Ah, weddings – that magical day when two hearts become one, families unite, and… everyone jostles for the microphone! Jokes aside, the order of speeches at a wedding can actually be a hot topic for debate. So, who should really grab the mic first and steal the […]

When should you book wedding photographer?


When should you book wedding photographer? Hey there, lovebirds! Are you amidst the whirlwind of wedding planning, ticking off that never-ending checklist? Let’s talk about one of the most crucial vendors on that list – your wedding photographer. Capturing the essence of your big day, those candid smiles, tears of joy, and the untold stories […]


How to get the best group photos Capturing family and friends photos at weddings can be quite challenging, especially when there’s a sizable gathering in your wedding entourage. However, with some planning, you can guarantee a delightful experience for all attendees while ensuring that you will get the best group photos. Even if you prefer […]


Bryllup i Italia

wedding in italy? why not! If you want to have a wedding in Italy, you have many wonderful options. From beautiful beaches along the Amalfi Coast to rolling landscapes in Tuscany, there are many stunning places to say «I do.» Whether it’s a palaces, vineyards, or a historic buildings, you’ll certainly have the perfect backdrop […]

ask your wedding photographer

What to ask your wedding photographer Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, it’s important to know what to ask your wedding photographer to ensure you find the right person to capture your special day. Would you be available on my […]

How to choose your wedding photographer

How to choose your wedding photographer While planning a wedding, you can find yourself feeling a bit lost. Many of the things you need to figure out are things you never had to deal with before that moment. You’ll need to find a location, a catering service, make-up artist, a DJ or a band.And how […]

NOT to ask your wedding photographer

What NOT to ask your wedding photographer It’s important to remember that there are no forbidden questions when it comes to your wedding photographer. However, it’s worth noting that there a few things that it is better not to ask your wedding photographer. Will it be cheaper if I’ll edit the photos myself? We saw […]

Save on wedding photography – How?

Save on wedding photography – How In the previous article, we discussed why wedding photography is so expensive. But how can we capture amazing memories and still save on wedding photography? Saving money on wedding photography is always a controversial topic. Photos and videos are actually the only tangible memories you will have with you […]

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Why is wedding photography so expensive? Wedding photography is frequently regarded as a costly component in the process of wedding planning. Prices can vary significantly based on several factors. Therefore, it is crucial for couples to acknowledge it as one of the primary expenses when preparing for their big day. But why is wedding photography […]

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