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Who keeps the first speech at the wedding?

Ah, weddings – that magical day when two hearts become one, families unite, and… everyone jostles for the microphone! Jokes aside, the order of speeches at a wedding can actually be a hot topic for debate. So, who should really grab the mic first and steal the show (in a good way, of course)?

Traditionally, wedding speeches follow a specific sequence, but like everything else in weddings, there’s nothing stopping you from shaking up the bottle to see what bubbles up. Let’s dive into the traditional order before we explore how to pass the speech baton in new and exciting ways.

The Traditional Order of wedding speeches

So let’s dive in the traditional order of wedding speeches: 

  1. The Father of the Bride sets the tone. Traditionally, he’s the lead-off man, toasts the couple, and shares embarrassing childhood stories about the bride.
  2. The Groom then takes the microphone to thank the bride’s father, compliment the bride (important!), and thank the guests for coming.
  3. The Groom’s Best Man follows up by assuring everyone that the groom actually has friends and shares stories that are just appropriate enough for the crowd.
  4. The Bride’s Maid of Honor/Mother might also wish to say a few words, often to calm the atmosphere after the best man’s speeches.
  5. Other family members or friends can then share a story or two, if they want to.
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When Tradition Meets a Modern Twist

However, who says you have to stick to the script? In a world where weddings are becoming more personal and unique, why not play around with the speech order too? Here are some ideas:

  • Mic Toss: Why not let the guests decide? Start with one person, and let them choose the next speaker. This can lead to some unexpected but memorable moments.
  • Speech Bingo: Create a bingo card with potential speakers. Guests can guess the order, and the one with «Bingo!» wins a small prize.
  • The Relay Speech: Start with the couple sharing their gratitude, and let them pick the next speaker. This can create a more fluid and organic transition between speeches.

Regardless of which order you choose for the speeches at your wedding, remember that the wedding is your day. What matters most is not when people speak, but the loving words shared. So whether it’s the father of the bride kicking off the festivities, or you end up with a spontaneous «mic toss» session, let the speeches be heartfelt, sincere, and of course – a bit funny!

In conclusion: who speaks first? The answer is simple: Whoever you want! The wedding is a celebration of love, not a strict rulebook. Pass the microphone around, and let love speak for itself. Cheers!

Anna O. Brambilla

Who keeps the first speech at the wedding?


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