Anna O. Brambilla


What to ask your wedding photographer

Planning a wedding is an exciting thing, and with so much excitement a little stress might also follow. During this hectic time, you may find it hard to know what you should ask to your wedding photographer. And what never to ask them!

Would you be available on my date?

When sending an enquiry for a wedding photographer, it is very important to specify date and time of your wedding. If you are in love with a specific photographer’s work, it is also very important to ask whether they are going to shoot the wedding themselves or if they work in a team and outsource assignments to one another.

How long have you been working as a wedding photographer?

And how many weddings did you shoot? Are you willing to show a gallery of a complete wedding?
Experience is key for a successful wedding photographer. The more weddings a photographer has worked on, the better their reportage of the day will be.
Obviously, photographers share only what they think is the best on their websites and social medias. However, it is important to see the full wedding portfolio to understand whether what they are presenting is consistent throughout the wedding day.

Are you familiar with my venue(s)?

Or are you going to visit it before the wedding day?
I personally like to scout for locations and I spend a lot of time visiting them. Especially when it come to unique and peculiar places, I think it is very important to get familiar around the place and check how the light moves during the day.

Can we request a list of important shots we would like?

I personally always ask about that. Weddings can be very frenetic and loosing sight of who we took a picture with is very easy. For this reason, I find it very helpful both for me as a photographer and for my couples to have a list of must-take-photos-with a day or two in advance.

How do you describe your photographic style?

Photography is a kind of art. Most photographers will embrace specific photographic styles and will most likely not change their ways. For this reason, it is vital to understand what kind of photography you like and approach only photographers who work in that specific way.

What rights do we have on the digital files?

This is a very important question and the answer should be stated in the contract. Most likely, you will have the rights to reproduce, print and share the photos online – some photographers may require a credit when posted on social medias. You will be able to use the images as much as you like except for selling them for a profit.
Your photographer will be the copyright holder of the photos, meaning that they are the person who created those images. This doesn’t mean that they can use the photos in whatever way they like, and you should discuss fair use and come to an agreement on this topic.

Can we read the contract?

Always, always, always ask to see the contract. In most cases you will find all the information you need in those pages. Ask about payment options, extra fees and additional costs, discuss (and state!) clearly about what is included in your package, when the photos will be delivered, check the photographer’s cancellation policy (including what will happen if they have to cancel on you) and so on.

I want to secure you as my wedding photographer, what now?

Make sure all your questions have been satisfyingly answered, read thoroughly what the contract states and always sign the contract. Don’t trust a photographer who doesn’t present to you a written agreement.

Ultimately, it is very important to feel comfortable around your photographer. So, if possible, I WOULD always recommend to meet over a coffee just to chat and see if the chemistry is right before making your final choice.