Anna O. Brambilla


Why is wedding photography so important?

Let’s be honest, when we talk about a weddings nothing is really necessary except for the couple. But if that’s true, why is wedding photography so important?

It’s all about your memories

Many people dream about their weddings for a very long time. They spend years imagining centrepieces, flowers arrangements, their dresses or suits, the song they’ll dance to for the first time as a married couple. They’ll think about the guests list and they’ll may realise that a wedding is one of the very few occasions when all your loved ones, family and friends, will gather together.
Isn’t it worth it to then have someone whose only mission for that whole day is to make sure you will have the chance to relive the emotions of that day?

Catch moments you may miss or forget

You’ll be very busy on your wedding day. Everyone will want a brief moment with you and there will be so many things happening that you may not have a full overview of your big day. It will be the event of a life time with all your favorite people. And all will happen at the same time.
It will be nice, then, to have an extra pair of eyes around you, ready to capture all those amazing things that you may be missing on the moment or forgetting because of all the emotions.

Avoid blurry snapshots

Family and friends will for sure take photos, snapshots or make insta-stories of your day. Some of your guests may even be really good at taking photos and you can end up with a few very nice shots of that day. However, relying only on your guests for documenting your day can be risky because you have no assurance about the quality of the images you’ll get.
A wedding photographer is there to make sure that you will get the best possible photos not only when it comes to quality but also when it comes to candid moments.

Make you feel comfortable

I often hear and read of couples very concerned about the way they look and not being photogenic. Let’s make this clear: some people are natural in front of a camera and others, like myself, simply are not.
Don’t feel bad about feeling a little awkward in front of a camera: even professional models need a few minutes to adjust to a new photographer and a new settings.
A good photographer will be able to make you feel and look your best just making sure that you feel as comfortable as possible.
Just remember to be happy. Happiness is our best feature.

Make you relive moments at their best

Time flies when you are having fun and so it will seem like your wedding day came to an end way too quickly. The day after you’ll be scrolling your phone gallery or your social media feed where all your guests will have shared photos and video and some of those will actually be quite nice but not perfect.
Photographs from your photographer will make you relive the moments at their best – capturing those memories you’ll cheer forever.

Being a photographer, I’d say that wedding photography is very important. However, the price of wedding photographers can be a bit scary but don’t worry: here you can find a few tips for saving on wedding photography and still get a great photographer for your special day!