Luciano Gelisio

I started thinking about becoming a professional photographer only in the last few years. However, Luciano Gelisio has been making wonderful handcraft leather bags since the 60s.

In his workshop, Luciano creates his designs and each product is cut, assembled and sewn entirely by hand. He cares and selects personally the materials to make sure that bags and belts will be long lasting.

Luciano is always looking for new innovative and creative shapes, often enriched with extraordinary ornaments. Every year he delights us with new collections and unique pieces.
The Collections of the last few years are the results of an amazing cooperation between Luciano and his younger daughter, Olivia.

Olivia and I met in 2019 right before starting my last year of studies.
I came across Luciano Gelisio shop in Bolgheri and fell in love with their work. I have always been very shy but I couldn’t resist the temptation of getting my photographic hands on those bags.

Every year now, I go back to Bolgheri and let their new creations, like this amazing #R Collection created with vegetable tanned leather and fabric made of recycled plastic, inspire me.
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