What NOT to ask your wedding photographer

Keep in mind that there are no questions a couple aren’t allowed to ask, but here you can find a few answers to questions that wedding photographer hear very often and to which they seldom answer the way the clients wish.

Will it be cheaper if I’ll edit
the photos myself?

We saw in previous articles that editing is indeed a part of the price. However, professional photographers won’t deliver RAW or unedited files. The image we produce from composition to editing is our business card.
We work hard to have a coherent style, to create the best possible memories for our couples, and every part of the job is as important and necessary for us to keep developing our company, as much as it is important for our client to have great images of their special day.

Can we have a discount?

As we saw in another article, wedding photography is expensive for a couple of reasons. So asking for a discount may be perceive as a bit disrespectful and it will make a world of difference if you’ll frase your request differently.
For example, “this is our budget, do you think we can find a solution that will be satisfying for us both for this price?”.
Remember, however, that a photographer who’s price starts at 5000€/50 000,- NOK most likely won’t work for 1000€/10 000,- NOK.

Can you make me look “better”?
I am not photogenic.

2 years of photography school and many weddings taught me that there is no such a thing as “none photogenic people” but only bad photographers.
You look great. And you do not need any kind of extreme retouching.
As photographers, our job is to make you look at your best without you putting any effort into this thought.
The only recommendation I can give any future brides and grooms is to just be happy and enjoy their day. When you are happy, you show it and the camera sees it.

Why won’t I get all the photos?

In a nutshell: because not all photos are good photos.
Shooting a wedding can result in several hundreds, some time even several thousands, images – not all of them will capture the best of everyone.
You choose a photographer because you liked their portfolio, their artistic view and you probably liked what you saw in weddings they photographed before. Trust your wedding photographer.
A big part of our job is to go through the great amount of snaps we took and choose the ones represent your wedding day the best.
Quality over quantity.

Can we recreate these photos?

The answer here depends a bit on the photo you want to recreate and on how many photos you want to recreate.
I always ask my couples if they have any inspirational photos they like to better understand their expectations. However, each photographer is just as unique as each wedding is. You choose that particular photographer because you like their portfolio.
Of course, it is always possible to try and recreate a photo keeping in mind that it may look different from the expectation.
I personally prefer to focus my energy on capturing candid and spontaneous moments because those are the ones you’ll really enjoy looking back at.

Can I have the copyright to the photos?

You will have the right to reproduce, print and share the photos on social media but the copyright will be held by the photographer because they are the ones who created the images. However, holding the copyrights won’t give the photographer the right to use the photos in whatever way they like. Remember to discuss this and agree upon fair use with your photographer while making the contract.

Remember: there are no questions you should ever be afraid to ask but I hope this article gave you the answer to questions not all photographers like to asnwer.

How to choose your wedding photographer

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While planning a wedding, you can find yourself feeling a bit lost. Many of the things you need to figure out are things you never had to deal with before that moment. You’ll need to find a location, a catering service, make-up artist, a DJ or a band.
And how do you choose your wedding photographer when there are so many out there?
Here I’ll try to give you some tips to go through this process as smoothly as possible.

Find out which style of wedding
photography better express your vision

We talked in a previous article about different style of wedding photography and how photography is an art. Photographers will embrace a style and work with that as long as it feel right to them. This means that it is important to know what style you envision so that you can look for someone who can give you what you want.
It will be very hard to convince a photographer change their way and, in the end, neither of you will be fully satisfied with the result.
So, look at as many photos as you can – search Instagram, Pinterest, Google and anywhere else you can think of; make up your mind about what you like and get in touch with photographers that can give you exactly that. You won’t regret it.

Set a budget

Once you know what you are looking for, it’s time to set a budget. This isn’t easy, especially if you have no experience and you have never looked for a photographer before.
The best way to set a realistic budget is checking the average price of a wedding photographer in your area. Once you know that, you can think about what’s the price you are comfortable paying. Get in touch with photographers in that price range. You can also contact photographers who exceed your budget a bit if you are in love with their work and ask if they have any packages that could work with your budget.
You can check this article for some tips about how to save on wedding photography.

Check their references and reviews

The best way to know if your chosen photographer will live up to your expectation is talking to someone who already worked with them. That isn’t always easy but some photographers will be able to provide references upon request.
However, when this isn’t possibile, you can just scroll the internet and read the reviews other clients left on their page.
Check social media for comments, see how they respond to critics if there are any and ask about them. Photographers are humans and they can make mistakes. There can be someone out there who wasn’t completely satisfied with them and you should ask what happened in that situation. A professional photographer won’t dismiss your concern and will be able to make you feel safe even though there have been one or two bad reviews in their past.

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Ask to see a full wedding gallery

As everyone else, photographers will show only a selection of their work on their website and social media. Ask to see a full wedding. This will show your photographer that you are very interested in their work and you care about photography. Moreover, seeing a full wedding gallery or album will give you a better understanding of their work.
Is the quality consistent in all the photos?
When shooting several hundreds photos it is quite easy to get a few great shoots. The difference between a good professional photographer and a not-so-good one is the amount of beautiful image they consistently are able to take.

Meet them over a coffee

Or, if you don’t like coffee, for a walk.
Meeting someone over the phone or the emails will never give you a full understanding of their personality.
When meeting in person, you will be able to see if you personality match. Is this person someone you feel comfortable with? Is the chemistry right?
If so, you are a step closer to choose your wedding photographer. Feeling comfortable and trust your photographer is important not only for your state of mind, but also for the final result in the pictures. If you are happy and relaxed, you’ll show it.

Ask them how they work on the wedding day

As we know already, each photographer is different. After looking at many different photographers’ work you understood what you are looking for. You found some photographers in your budget and you now have to choose one.
It is time to ask questions. One of them is: how do you work at weddings?
Do they direct the couples? How do they get them to loosen up? Do they try to go around unnoticed?
You know more or less their style, so you have a general idea whether your photographer’s work is more staged or reportage but still there can be a few differences.

Engagement shooting

A great way to see if you like your chosen photographer is to work with them.
Some photographers offer engagement shooting as part of the wedding package. I personally am not a fan of this way because you will have to commit to them right away in order to get the deal and if something doesn’t go as wished you will have to terminate the contract, possibly loosing your deposit.
My suggestion is to book a separate engagement shooting and then, if you are happy with it, proceed in booking the photographer for your wedding.
Engagement shootings are great to make you understand how you relate with the photographer, it helps getting you comfortable in front of a camera and seeing how good you look in those photos will boost your confidence for your wedding day.

I hope this short list will make it easier for you to choose your wedding photographer and will help you to ease the hectic process of planning a wedding.

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What to ask your wedding photographer

Planning a wedding is an exciting thing, and with so much excitement a little stress might also follow. During this hectic time, you may find it hard to know what you should ask to your wedding photographer. And what never to ask them!

Questions you SHOULD ask
Would you be available on
my date?

When sending an enquiry for a wedding photographer, it is very important to specify date and time of your wedding. If you are in love with a specific photographer’s work, it is also very important to ask whether they are going to shoot the wedding themselves or if they work in a team and outsource assignments to one another.

How long have you been working as a wedding photographer?

And how many weddings did you shoot? Are you willing to show a gallery of a complete wedding?
Experience is key for a successful wedding photographer. The more weddings a photographer has worked on, the better their reportage of the day will be.
Obviously, photographers share only what they think is the best on their websites and social medias. However, it is important to see the full wedding portfolio to understand whether what they are presenting is consistent throughout the wedding day.

Are you familiar with my venue(s)?

Or are you going to visit it before the wedding day?
I personally like to scout for locations and I spend a lot of time visiting them. Especially when it come to unique and peculiar places, I think it is very important to get familiar around the place and check how the light moves during the day.

Can we request a list of important shots we would like?

I personally always ask about that. Weddings can be very frenetic and loosing sight of who we took a picture with is very easy. For this reason, I find it very helpful both for me as a photographer and for my couples to have a list of must-take-photos-with a day or two in advance.

How do you describe your photographic style?

Photography is a kind of art. Most photographers will embrace specific photographic styles and will most likely not change their ways. For this reason, it is vital to understand what kind of photography you like and approach only photographers who work in that specific way.

What rights do we have on the digital files?

This is a very important question and the answer should be stated in the contract. Most likely, you will have the rights to reproduce, print and share the photos online – some photographers may require a credit when posted on social medias. You will be able to use the images as much as you like except for selling them for a profit.
Your photographer will be the copyright holder of the photos, meaning that they are the person who created those images. This doesn’t mean that they can use the photos in whatever way they like, and you should discuss fair use and come to an agreement on this topic.

Can we read the contract?

Always, always, always ask to see the contract. In most cases you will find all the information you need in those pages. Ask about payment options, extra fees and additional costs, discuss (and state!) clearly about what is included in your package, when the photos will be delivered, check the photographer’s cancellation policy (including what will happen if they have to cancel on you) and so on.

I want to secure you as my wedding photographer, what now?

Make sure all your questions have been satisfyingly answered, read thoroughly what the contract states and always sign the contract. Don’t trust a photographer who doesn’t present to you a written agreement.

Ultimately, it is very important to feel comfortable around your photographer. So, if possible, I WOULD always recommend to meet over a coffee just to chat and see if the chemistry is right before making your final choice.

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How to save on wedding photography?

In the previous article, we talked about why wedding photography is so expensive. But how can we get amazing memories and still save on wedding photography?

Choose a budget you
are comfortable with.

First of all, think about your budget. How much are you actually willing to invest in your wedding photographer? Once you have the answer, look around for photographer in that price range. If you are working with a tight budget, look into new professionals or photography students. They may lack some experience but they can easily overcome this issue with their strong will to prove themselves.
Professional and well established photographer may some times offer discount or promotions but they will most likely not accept negotiations.

Look for offers and discounts.

Some photographers may offer discounts for early bookings or to fill the few dates left available in their calendars.
It is however very important to keep in mind that prices may change due to inflation or just because a photographer is getting popular.
Booking your photographer early on will get you to save on your wedding photography in the long run, even though you may not get an actual discount.

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Digital over prints

As we said before, prints can be very expensive. While getting only digital file, you can print your own photos as many times as you want saving a great amount of money. Also, digital prints can be sent out to family and friends by email allowing them to get their copies without spending any extra.

It’s better to have a professional photographer for few hours than no photographer at all.

We previously saw how time is one of the reason why wedding photography is expensive. Instead of renouncing completely to a professional photographer look for someone who offers coverage even just for a few hours. 1 or 2 hours with a professional photographer will be enough to give you a good amount of high quality, long lasting, unique memories.

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Why is wedding photography so expensive?

While organising a wedding, most people come to the realisation that wedding photography is expensive. Price range can vary hugely according to many different factors, but all in all, wedding photography is indeed one of the biggest expenses couple must take into consideration while planning their big day.

But why is it so expensive?

It seems like a very easy thing, to take photos. Anyone can do it nowadays just clicking on their smartphone with a somehow good result. However, pressing the button is a very small part of the work.


Time is one of the biggest factor that influence the price level. When we talk about time people often think about the wedding day itself which is only a part of the whole.
Good wedding photographers invest a lot of time taking care of their couples before the wedding – meeting them to get to know each other; being always available and ready to answer questions and extinguish doubts; scouting locations for finding the places for the best possible images; in some case, pre-weddings can also include engagement shootings – and after the wedding editing and post producing the numerous pictures taken during the day.

Popularity of your wedding day.

Wedding photography is a very seasonal thing and available working dates are not so many during the season. It all comes down to the rule of supply and demand.

Wedding bride and groom oslo botanisk hage
Botanisk Hage, Oslo.

Even though most weddings present themselves with many similarities, each wedding is different. Experienced photographers will be able to understand what’s going to happen and will be ready to capture things even without having any notice about them happening, producing unique memories.
Hectic environment, as in weddings, can be confusing and hard to follow for those you approach them for the first time.

Pretty little extras.

Photo booths are getting more and more popular. Photographers will set up a small portable studios, fix the lighting and some funny costumes so that people can take selfies. Photo booths are indeed a very nice way to entertain your guests but it is of course an extra expense to consider.
Prints and photo albums. Professional photographers will never choose cheap printing services when it comes to printing photos for their clients. The pictures we produce are our business cards and we will never deliver a product that isn’t just perfect. For the same reason, producing a wedding photo album will require a lot of time which, united with the printing expenses, will add up to the final price.


Capturing moments that will never repeat themselves is a huge responsibility. Many things could go wrong: SD cards can get corrupted, cameras can break, batteries can run out, human error can occur. A professional photographer will be able in most cases to prevent these things from happening. Cameras with double slots for SD cards, second or third camera available, extra batteries will always be at hand and so on.

Is it possible to save money on wedding photography?

All these reasons and a few more explain why wedding photography is indeed expensive. However, there are ways to save some money on it and we’ll talk about them in this article.

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Why is wedding photography so important?

Let’s be honest, when we talk about a weddings nothing is really necessary except for the couple. But if that’s true, why is wedding photography so important?

It’s all about your memories

Many people dream about their weddings for a very long time. They spend years imagining centrepieces, flowers arrangements, their dresses or suits, the song they’ll dance to for the first time as a married couple. They’ll think about the guests list and they’ll may realise that a wedding is one of the very few occasions when all your loved ones, family and friends, will gather together.
Isn’t it worth it to then have someone whose only mission for that whole day is to make sure you will have the chance to relive the emotions of that day?

Catch moments you may miss or forget

You’ll be very busy on your wedding day. Everyone will want a brief moment with you and there will be so many things happening that you may not have a full overview of your big day. It will be the event of a life time with all your favorite people. And all will happen at the same time.
It will be nice, then, to have an extra pair of eyes around you, ready to capture all those amazing things that you may be missing on the moment or forgetting because of all the emotions.

Avoid blurry snapshots

Family and friends will for sure take photos, snapshots or make insta-stories of your day. Some of your guests may even be really good at taking photos and you can end up with a few very nice shots of that day. However, relying only on your guests for documenting your day can be risky because you have no assurance about the quality of the images you’ll get.
A wedding photographer is there to make sure that you will get the best possible photos not only when it comes to quality but also when it comes to candid moments.

Make you feel comfortable

I often hear and read of couples very concerned about the way they look and not being photogenic. Let’s make this clear: some people are natural in front of a camera and others, like myself, simply are not.
Don’t feel bad about feeling a little awkward in front of a camera: even professional models need a few minutes to adjust to a new photographer and a new settings.
A good photographer will be able to make you feel and look your best just making sure that you feel as comfortable as possible.
Just remember to be happy. Happiness is our best feature.

Make you relive moments at their best

Time flies when you are having fun and so it will seem like your wedding day came to an end way too quickly. The day after you’ll be scrolling your phone gallery or your social media feed where all your guests will have shared photos and video and some of those will actually be quite nice but not perfect.
Photographs from your photographer will make you relive the moments at their best – capturing those memories you’ll cheer forever.

Being a photographer, I’d say that wedding photography is very important. However, the price of wedding photographers can be a bit scary but don’t worry: here you can find a few tips for saving on wedding photography and still get a great photographer for your special day!

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