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«And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways. Maybe just the touch of a hand Oh me I fall in love with you every single day.»

Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud

Flere kjærlighetshistorier

Over the years as a wedding photographer, I have been fortunate enough to witness several love stories.

When photographing couples in love, I came to understand that each relationship is both distinct and comparable. Every couple has their own specific chemistry, preferences, and quirks, but at its core, there is a connection built on trust, devotion, and respect. By observing and documenting their love stories, I have gained insight into the beauty of individuality and the common threads that bind us all.

As each couple is different from any other, so is their wedding, and my goal is to ensure that your uniqueness will be captured in images that you can cherish forever.

Why more love stories?

Because love stories are what make us dream, right?

And when we plan a wedding, it’s actually more than just organizing a single day. We are planning our future together, a life filled with love and adventure.

Because the wedding is just the beginning of this incredible story, an epic love story that the two of you will write together. It’s a time to celebrate your love, but also a time to build a strong foundation for the life ahead. So let’s embrace this special time in your lives and create an unforgettable start to your amazing love story.

So let's be inspired by the love stories of others.

Let’s read about the beautiful moments, the magical moments, and the challenging moments that have shaped the love stories of others. Let’s absorb their wisdom, their experiences, and their joy.

So let’s be inspired and let our own love stories grow and flourish. Let’s create our own adventure, which will be as unique and exciting as all the stories we read about.

Because love is an eternal source of inspiration, and we always have the opportunity to write our own beautiful love story.

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